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Wellness Guru Guy Lawrence: 3 Pillars To Extraordinary Living

by | May 13, 2022 | Blog

Facilitating change from the inside is what Guy Lawrence does best. As a health advocate and entrepreneur who felt lost and aimless for decades in all facets of life, Guy has since become an inspiring wellness guru and leader. Through his particular style of transformative work, Guy is helping people find their way back to their true essence.

Wellness entrepreneur Guy Lawrence has built his entire career around helping people create positive change so they can achieve one simple measure – happiness. The premise of his work is actually very simple, 3 basic pillars that when applied, lead to extraordinary living. 

According to Guy, making the changes required to live a life of true joy and happiness, starts by dissolving the ego and getting back to the roots of self-awareness.

“If we put in the time to get to know ourselves like an intimate best friend, then as we come to create that relationship, we will start to see what our driving factors are and what we need to work through.”

Guy says this level of change can be achieved in three phases. 


The first key to any change is awareness, and for good reason.

“We run 95 per cent of our day unconsciously,” Guy explains.

“Everything we end up doing becomes known and comfortable, so we don’t have to think, we can just move on autopilot.”

Human beings are often creatures of habit. We sleep on the same side of the bed, drive the same route to work, and visit the same coffee shop on the daily. Of course, you could argue that we simply ‘like what we like’. However, there’s a difference between being caught in a loop versus doing something with intent. 

“We need to be able to almost decompartmentalise and become the observer of what’s going on as opposed to just getting pulled into it at that moment,” Guy says.

In order to do so we have to become more aware of our true selves. Self-awareness is like a muscle which takes conscious effort to grow. 

Start small. One simple trick is setting an alarm on your phone for once an hour. When it goes off, take a minute to check in with yourself. Stop, breathe, and tune into how you’re feeling. What feels good to you, and where are there problems? 



Without looking at our current situation, we can’t identify our problems or areas of tension. If we’re unaware of the friction points in our lives, and we keep walking around on autopilot holding on to our issues – eventually life becomes heavy and too much of a burden to bear. 

“I don’t care how strong you are, if I hold out my iPhone with a straight arm for 10-20 minutes my arm will feel like it’s going to fall off,” Guy says. 

“We tend to do that with our problems and suffer through it until we learn to accept them.”

This is where having a meditation practice can be useful. Getting started is usually the first hurdle but again, the trick is to start small. Simply give yourself permission to take five minutes each day to sit down, focus on your breathing and observe your thoughts. 

“We’re not sitting there trying literally to not think, we’re just observing our thoughts and how we’re feeling.”



The third pillar relates to intention – and that comes from knowing what you want. 

Truthfully most people really don’t know what they want, which always leaves them defaulting back to what they know. However, as you start to create intention, you’ll see a shift in how you do things from a place of gratitude and humility. 

“We often say you should create an intention around emotion first, because that’s where you can recondition the body,” Guy suggests. 

Intention is a practice that helps us get back to our true essence. Your intention could simply be, to be the best version of yourself at any given time, or to make more conscious lifestyle choices. 

“They say the longest journey is the shortest one, which is from the head to the heart – but once you make that connection, you can live a very aligned life.”



Once you begin working through Guy’s framework you will find yourself empowered to make conscious choices that come from a more balanced and accepting place.

Keep putting in the work and peeling back the layers. Not only will it help you transition away from external influences, but it will catapult you towards a greater sense of purpose, wealth and happiness.


By Jason Whitton

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