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About Jason

From a small town boy growing up in the remote outback of rural Queensland, to becoming the founder of Australasia’s most powerful property wealth creation engine – Positive Real Estate Group CEO Jason Whitton is on a mission to change the way we look at wealth.

With over 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry, in which his company has closed over 10,000 property deals, coached 7500 clients, and generated a combined property clientele equity of over 5.1 billion dollars – Jason has never been more dedicated to sharing his knowledge and wisdom to help people on their path to wealth creation.

However, the father-of-three, and husband to beautiful wife Shay Whitton, never set out to achieve real estate dominance or teach wealth strategy.

In fact, it wasn’t until Jason had been in the Australian Airforce and then pursued his dream of becoming a teacher, that he stumbled upon real estate as a potent formula for financial growth after he read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Jason became fascinated with its powerful, yet straight-forward concepts around wealth creation, and decided to leave the safety of his stable teaching job to pursue a more ambitious career in real estate.

The stakes were high, the road was rocky, and the journey did not unfold without risks and some pretty hefty pitfalls. From learning the ropes as a self-made buyer’s agent, to immersing himself in property development, to business deals gone bad.

There were losses but most importantly, there was learning. And for someone who has spent at least half-a-million-dollars in personal development, those lessons for Jason have been invaluable. In fact, they ultimately enabled the entrepreneur, along with Shay, Sam Saggers and their business partners and team of leading property experts, to revolutionise the real estate education industry, and transform thousands of people’s perception of what they thought was possible for their own ability to create long-lasting wealth.

In 2003 Positive Real Estate was born, and now the company operates across three countries in Australia, New Zealand and Manilla, managing a group portfolio of brands that includes property management, finance, real estate sales and of course, Jason’s first love – education.

Still central to his core DNA, teaching is at the heart of what Jason loves to do, and now he spends much of his time mentoring his team leaders to help their teams and clients succeed.

This passion for teaching has transpired in many ways throughout Jason’s life, with the property guru responsible for building 17 schools across Nepal, Vietnam, Laos and Fiji where 6000 kids get to go to school and receive an education every day.

As a busy family man who runs a diverse network of thriving businesses, Jason is now setting out on another adventurous undertaking – The Wealth Faculty. In this ground-breaking and inspiring podcast series, Jason embarks on a journey to discover the true meaning of wealth, by interviewing world-renowned leaders and wealth champions who have achieved extraordinary levels of abundance. Some of whom are the very experts and advisors that have impacted and contributed to Jason’s success as a property investor and coach.

Jason knows first-hand that true wealth is not created in isolation or without a mixture of ingredients – strategy being key, but support from many being central to one’s ultimate success. The Wealth Faculty is designed to be your team of advisors as you navigate through your potential of creating real and sustainable wealth.

Wealth Strategist – Investor – Coach

Jason Whitton

Founder and Chief Education Officer