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TWF 4 – Tim Forrester and Michael Hurley on Wealth, Passion & Sustainability

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Podcasts

Show notes

What an episode of The Wealth Faculty this promises to be! Tim Forrester is the wealthiest person I know on a first name basis. In 2003, Tim and two school mates – Michael Hurley and Brent Liddell – combined to form ARIA Property Group.

Leaders in sustainability, ARIA demonstrate everything that’s wonderful about real estate. They’ve been awarded Queensland’s premier developer in six of the last seven years.

On this episode, we discuss wealth, family, passion, sustainability and more with Tim and Michael. If you love investing, green living and being inspired at work and in life, you’re going to love this episode!

You can find out more about ARIA Property Group at

On this episode we discuss –

6:30 – Wealth and Monopoly

9:10 – Start With Why

10:18 – On business partnerships

16:55 – Do you pass the Mum and Dad test?

20:25 – Getting serious about climate change

22:45 – The future of green living

25:45 – The future of green living

30:40 – The power of doing what you love

32:37 – One of the big “secrets” to life

34:13 – Innovating to change the world

41:12 – Capital Growth Myths

45:48 – Who do you take wealth advice from?

52:28 – Money does not buy happiness

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