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TWF 24 – Dr John Demartini on Creating Wealth & An Epic Future

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Podcasts

Show notes

Money without meaning leads to debauchery and money with meaning leads to philanthropy.  – Dr John Demartini shares his wealth wisdom in part two of our interview on this latest episode of The Wealth Faculty. 

Whether you’re new to Dr Demartini or an avid consumer of his genius, this episode will empower and inspire you to take the next step on your adventure in life. 

On top of wealth we discuss mastering grief, creating a ritual of gratitude, and of course – the true meaning of wealth. 

If you’ve never experienced Dr Demartini before I highly recommend you attend The Breakthrough Experience – which he presents online at the moment. The next Australian edition is coming up in May. 

For further details, and to complete his values determination exercise, go to

2:30 – Get Rich Quick Schemes

5:40 – Why do you go to work?

12:10 – Why most people aren’t wealthy

27:50 – Mastering Grief

35:33 – Gratitude

41:15 – John Demartini’s True Meaning of Wealth

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