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TWF 22 – Charlie Arnott on Regenerating The Planet

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Podcasts

Show notes

What if the answers to the problems of the world weren’t as unachievable as you thought?

In this episode, we discuss some of the simple, yet powerful ways in which we can do our bit to regenerate and heal the planet. Big claims, I know, but Charlie Arnott is not one to play the small game. 

Charlie is an award-winning Grazier from Boorowa, New South Wales, an educator and passionate advocate for Regenerative Farming practices.

In 2018 Charlie won the prestigious Bob Hawke Landcare Australia Award, and it wasn’t a one hit wonder. Charlie’s been awarded Conversation Farmer of the year … the National Carbon Cocky award for Outstanding Leadership and has been featured in a host of magazines and articles around Australia about the work he does. 

Having reinvented his own life and practices, Charlie shares with compassion what it takes to create a healthier, more sustainable planet for ourselves, our children and future generations. 

If you love this interview, be sure to check out Charlie’s podcast The Regenerative Journey. If you want to do more with Charlie, you can attend his biodynamic workshops held all around Australia. 

Thanks to The Farm at Byron Bay for hosting us! Be sure to pay it a visit when next you’re around Byron Bay. It is a working farm, so don’t be alarmed when you hear a tractor or two passing by Charlie and I during the interview!


You can also connect with Charlie on Facebook and Instagram. 

And lastly, we talked about Paul Hawken’s book Drawdown and Damon Gameau’s documentary 2040. 

8:16 – Happiness is not a KPI

9:30 – We were commodity farmers …

10:45 – The traditional farming model is perhaps very good at propping up every other business

13:05 – Change is daunting but it’s always a good thing

20:00 – Definition of regenerative farming

25:15 – Pay the farmer now or the doctor later?

31:30 – Tips on building immunity and creating connection

35:14 – Do you know your farmer?

46:15 – Charlie on Raising Healthy Children

51:00 – Why women are the future


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