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TWF 1 – The True Meaning Of Wealth

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Podcasts

Show notes

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Wealth Faculty!

With the podcast being dedicated to taking you on an adventure into the true meaning of wealth, I figured the best place to start was to share some of my wealth adventure, especially the mindset I’ve created often through the school of hard knocks.

4:50 – Year 12 Is Not Everything

12:37 – Wealth is far more than money

14:47 – Personal Growth and wealth

16:10 – There is no growth in comfort

19:15 – The biggest block to wealth

20:14 – Knowledge without action is useless

22:40 – The energetic hold money has over people

32:34 – Scheduled vs Spontaneous

37:34 – How to wake up delighted everyday

39:41 – Knowing when you’ve made it

48:30 – Favourite Food, movies, holiday destinations and more.

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