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Worldʼs Number 1 Bucket List Expert Shares Guide To Creating Your Ultimate Life!

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Blog

Trav Bell is a self-appointed ‘Bucketlist-ologist’. In fact, he is The Worldʼs #1 Bucket List Expert and the author of the amazon bestseller My Bucketlist Blueprint. Dedicated to helping others wake up and live their best life before it’s too late, Trav breaks down how you can add more purpose and meaning to your life by using a bucket list. 

It’s likely you’re no stranger to the concept of a bucket list. It’s probably something you’ve talked about with friends, and perhaps even written one yourself, when reflecting on the achievements you want to tick off before reaching the end of your life. 

However, for author and bucket list expert Trav Bell, it’s pathway to help you live a more purposeful life. 

“A lot of bucket lists don’t get done or there’s a feeling of disappointment and delayed gratification,” Trav says on the Wealth Faculty Podcast. 

“But your bucket list should really be about experiencing more meaning, fulfilment and wins earlier in life rather than at the end of it.”

According to Trav, whose work is grounded in positive psychology principles, the key is to put real and thoughtful intention into your list. So where to get started? Here is Trav’s system to help you unpack and articulate exactly what you want in life.



Trav’s blueprint was designed to help people start ticking things off right away – rather than waiting for the ‘perfect time’. 

“If people can just get the momentum and motivation from instant gratification now, then that feeling will help them to smash through the bigger things on their list,” he explains. 

The 12 steps of his blueprint to help you get started are simple:

M – Meet a personal hero 

Y – Your proudest achievement

B – Buy that special something

U – Ultimate challenge

C – Conquer the fear

K – Kind acts for others

E – Express yourself 

T – Take lessons

L – Leave a legacy

I – Idiotic stuff

S – Satisfy curiosity

T – Travel adventures



Each category in the blueprint is there to help you to extract and articulate a more personable and meaningful list that encourages you to grow into the best version of yourself – so don’t fill it with ideals of what you think you should do.

“The point isn’t to just tick things off your bucket list for the sake of it. Instead, it’s to help you reverse engineer aspects of your life in order to make these things come to fruition.”

Sure, seeing the seven wonders of the world and jumping out of a plane might be the greatest experience for some, but if it sounds like the absolute pits to you? Don’t pretend! 

A bucket list is a tangible life plan – design it the way you want instead of living it according to someone else. 

“Hopefully COVID has forced us all to rethink what we are doing on a day-to-day basis and allowed people the window of courage to go after the things that really light them up.”



There’s no use having a bucket list if it only exists in your head alongside every other thought you have. The good thing is, putting your plan into action isn’t that difficult, in fact it only requires two steps.

Step one: 

Put pen to paper. 

This is even more effective as an exercise than just typing it up on your phone because it requires you to think through it more clearly. 

“It’s a conscious process when a person writes down their goals, let alone bucket list items, and it increases the likelihood of manifestation by 42 per cent,” Trav says. 

Step two: 

Enrol the support and actions of others. This means sharing it with your friends and loved ones. 

The better your support system as you work through your list, the more motivated you will feel. Doing this alongside others will also add a level of accountability – it won’t just be yourself who will be disappointed if you give up. 



“A lot of people are sleep walking through their life. It’s not until we’re towards the end of it and get given a use-by date that we become infinitely resourceful in the moment.” 

The fact is a bucket list is about living now, not living in the future. If you can see a gap between where you are now and where you want to be in terms of feeling fulfilled, then a bucket list that you can start integrating into your life now could completely change everything. 

By Jason Whitton

Group CEO Positive Real Estate


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