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TWF 6 – Heather Gardner on Thinking Differently, Success & Integrity

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Podcasts

Show notes

Heather Gardner has achieved just about all you could want to achieve in the business world. Running multi-million dollar businesses, raising seven children, experiencing the highs and lows of professional and personal life, and so much more. On this episode you’ll hear Heather discuss – 


7:46 – On Thinking Differently

12:20 – Full-time working Mum of 7

19:38 – From $10k to $100 million

21:54 – On working with family

37:01 – Divorcing Adults Not Children

46:07 – On Lies & Integrity

49:10 – Connecting To Nature

51:07 – What Monopoly Teaches You

53:14 – Money Makes Things Easier

54:02 – On Intergenerational Wealth

55:32 – Success the starts the minute you were born

1:01:21 – Heather’s True Meaning Of Wealth


You can connect with Heather at the following:





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