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TWF 31 – Sam Saggers on Wealth, Poverty & Real Estate

by | May 10, 2021 | Podcasts

Show notes

On today’s episode I have the good fortune of interviewing my dear friend and business partner for the past 18 years, Sam Saggers. Without doubt one of our country’s brightest minds when it comes to real estate investing, Sam’s backstory and eventual “rags to riches” ascendence is truly inspiring. 


After today’s episode, do yourself a favour – if you haven’t already – and listen to Sam’s podcast the Urban Property Investor. It’s the podcast the experts listen to – and savvy investors. 


Today we discuss – 

3:45 – Sam has tied the knot!

5:50 – Living the Rich Dad Poor Dad life

8:00 – My mum and dad got around in this shitty car …

9:00 – Sam spent time in “The Bachelor” palace growing up

11:00 – Applying to attend Riverview – the feeling of “instant failure”

17:30 – Financial lessons from parents

22:15 – Money and Happiness

31:00 – Side Hustles

36:30 – The story of success so far

41:00 – Being a guest lecturer at Sydney University

43:30 – The Future of Real Estate

49:00 – Sam’s Purpose in LIfe

54:00 – Sam’s True Meaning of Wealth


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