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The no#1 wealth killer you must avoid

The no#1 wealth killer you must avoid

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Blog


When you think “wealth killer”, what comes to mind….

Business deals gone bad? Too much debt? An inability to make lots of money? Yes, those and many more factors have the potential to wreck your wealth creation chances, but they don’t come close to the number one silent and sneaky wealth killer that will stop you in your steps every time. 

It’s analysis paralysis. And most folks we work with don’t even know they have it!

Analysis paralysis is standing in the way of smart, savvy people making good, well-thought out financial decisions.  It’s the effect of extreme indecisiveness, and in property we see this happen all the time. People are unable to move forward for a number of reasons, most of which because they are overwhelmed, over-communicated to and simply fear the commitment required to become a property investor. 

With a significant sum of money on the line and a lack of proper training, terror sets in and then guess what? Nothing happens. And the sad thing is that if nothing happens, nothing happens. You’re left in the same limited situation because you’re crippled with analysis paralysis, debating all of the pros and cons and ultimately unable to move forward in creating long-lasting and sustainable financial outcomes. 

You don’t need to feel depleted or confused. And you certainly don’t have to fall victim to analysis paralysis and have your ability to generate wealth stalled. 

Here is my advice for you. 



Growth, in all forms, exists outside your comfort zone.

When it comes to building wealth, whether through property investment, the share market or other financial means, there will always be a level of risk involved – and the simple reality is that risk will only grow with the more wealth you accumulate.

Once you step outside of your own self-imposed barriers, you’ll find there are even more opportunities available for you to build on your wealth – but you have to get used to being a little, or a lot, uncomfortable.

If the thought of taking one huge leap towards wealth creation is scary, start by breaking up your first big move into smaller steps. In property investing, this could be deciding on the geographical region you’re going to focus on. Narrow down your search and give yourself fewer options from the start.

The sooner you get used to being out of your comfort zone, the easier it becomes to stay sharp and continue moving forward instead of shrinking away from the risk.



When you’re just starting out in wealth creation, you can’t know what you don’t know. Your analysis paralysis is likely amplified by the fact you have no reference point or experience to revert back to.

Finding valuable mentorship and support from a number of people throughout my career is a huge reason why I was able to effectively create real and sustainable wealth. You can learn a lot, and avoid some big mishaps, by talking to someone who has lived experience.

This includes the experts! The internet may have been the source of all this initial angst, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be the cure. Find a company or an individual that has proven knowledge in the route of wealth creation you’ve chosen.

There are people out there willing to help – find them.



You could be at the gym running on the treadmill every single day, but until you actually have a go in the marathon you will never know what you’re capable of.

Tony Robbins says, ‘The path to success is to take massive, determined action’. Well the quickest way to learn more about wealth and your own attitudes and beliefs towards it is by just doing the damn thing.

It might be cliché, but the more we do it the better and smarter at it we’ll become. What you need to know right now is that building lasting wealth is a long game – not a get-rich-quick scheme. Take action and commit to learning from everything that you do.



At the end of the day, analysis paralysis is your own self-doubt getting in the way. The truth is the perfect roadmap to wealth creation does not exist – everyone will have a different way of getting there.

What holds more truth though, is that when it comes to wealth, doing nothing is the one guaranteed way to never reaching your goals. 

No step is too small, and to start you can join one of our free events

Having the right mindset is just one piece of the puzzle. The next step is developing a blueprint that’s just right for you and your circumstances. One that can capitalise on your current position and start you on your wealth creation journey. 


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Jason Whitton

Founder and Chief Education Officer