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Lessons in building spiritual wealth with Pauline Nguyen

Lessons in building spiritual wealth with Pauline Nguyen

by | Dec 20, 2020 | Blog

Pauline Nguyen is a spiritual entrepreneur, an award-winning author, co-founder of the world’s most awarded Vietnamese restaurant, Red Lantern, and one of Australia’s most impactful and sought-after development coaches. With her combined experience and wisdom, I knew I had to get her on the Wealth Faculty Podcast, and I’m so glad I did – here are some deeply thought-provoking highlights from our chat.


From escaping war-torn Vietnam with her family when she was very young, to spending a year in a refugee camp in Thailand, and finally making it to the shores of Australia only to live the remainder of her childhood in a terribly abusive household. 

However, through all of her adversity, she grew into what Huffington Post has described as, “The most grounded spiritual entrepreneur on the planet”. 

In fact, it was her past life experiences and a clear, defined choice to invest in her own self-development that has made Pauline achieve great wealth both financially and spiritually – the latter of which she now teaches to others.

“Spirituality does not need religion. Spirituality means to live our lives inspired and in spirit. What do I need to do to feel the way I want to feel?” Pauline explains her philosophy.

She says that spiritual wealth at its core is about finding your own purpose and what makes you truly content. Unlike material wealth, where outside factors can impact on your happiness – spiritual wealth is something you have full control over if you learn how. 

Below are four key lessons that played a part in Pauline’s spiritual success, along with her advice on how you can do the same.



Often the values we hold true exist because of our early experiences – the way we were treated when we grew up, what our parents taught us and what we learned was the norm in society. 

However, Pauline believes that it is a conscious choice to choose the values you live by. 

“If whatever you are doing is not pulling you and you wake up every day feeling pushed and it’s a dread, then that is not your highest values,” Pauline says. 

According to the spiritual leader, if you’re having feelings of doom or dread, you’re probably trying to live up to someone else’s values and not your own. 

The idea of honouring your values can seem complex when you’re still figuring out what they are. Knowing what you value highest comes from understanding that your true self is separate from the circumstances you’ve lived.

For example, if you feel exhausted in your job because it’s taking so much from you without giving enough back in return, you’re likely stuck in a negative value exchange. 

For Pauline, after years of working herself to the bone running her restaurant, she evaluated what she truly values to find that what she cared about most is that, even if she is doing hard work, it mustn’t feel like hard work.

“I’m not afraid of working hard, but we work hard and work smart now, and to the point where one of my values is it must not feel like hard work…everything that I do now must have an incredible sense of inner tranquillity, pushing humanity forward, evolution, doing it with joy.”

Take the time to reflect on what it really is that you value. When you truly honour your values, you should feel nothing but internal motivation and inspiration. 



What are you striving for each and every day?

When you don’t have something to set your mind towards, whether that’s an award you want to win, a promotion you’re gunning for, or whether you just want to be the best version of yourself, setting consistent benchmarks will ensure you don’t get stuck emotionally or mentally in a rut. 

“If we don’t set ourselves a new benchmark, how can we reach the next best version of ourselves? Every next level must demand and command a new level of ourselves,” Pauline says.

In every situation there will be people who question why you’re constantly aiming to excel in what you do – it’s the classic tall poppy syndrome predicament. 

However, striving to be the best version of yourself is a core part of achieving spiritual wealth, and that should not be regarded as shameful. 

“Why not aim for the top in everything that we do? I have children who are watching me. I have people who I need to inspire, and I need to inspire myself.”



Self-mastery is the ability to recognise, understand and control all aspects of your inner self. In spiritual wealth, it essentially means knowing yourself on a deeper level.

One of the wonderful benefits of self-mastery is that it helps you to have clarity on what is most important to you. In order to do so, Pauline suggests asking yourself the big questions. 

“What do you do to remain in spirit and inspired? What are you doing to make your heart sing? What are you doing to feed your soul? And then how are you sharing that? 

 “We are what we share. We cannot hoard our information. The life we live are the lessons that we must teach,” Pauline says profoundly. 

Your experiences do not have to define you for your whole life, but they can guide you to create more meaningful and inspired life choices. 



In any book you read on self-development often there is a whole chapter on surrounding yourself with people who positively impact you, and there’s a reason for that. 

Other people have potential to add real value to your life, but sometimes they can also stand in the way of you reaching your best self. 

“One of my highest, highest values is to surround myself with people who can assist in my evolution,” Pauline says.  

Knowing who can contribute to your betterment, and who’s betterment you can contribute back to is key. On the other hand, knowing when to let some people go in your sphere is just as important.



Using the principals of spiritual wealth is a method for sure success, and Pauline is here to prove it.  

“I know a lot of people who have a lot of money in the bank, but they are spiritually bankrupt…they are devoid of spirit, of spirited-ness, of fun, of play, of joy,” she says.

True wealth is holistic and about much more than money alone. When working with our property investor clients we look at all parts of their life to assess how we can help them create overall happiness and success. 

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