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TWF 18 – Guy Lawrence on Stress, Breathwork & Meditation

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Podcasts

Show notes

My guest today is Guy Lawrence – host of the Let It In podcast … speaker, retreat leader, breathwork guru, meditation master, ice-bath junkie … and so much more.


I had the privilege of doing some breathwork with Guy recently when he led my leadership team at Positive Real Estate at our annual conference. 


On this episode we talk health, wealth and business, and really get stuck into the power of creating life consciously through the power of awareness, acceptance and action. 


You can find Guy on all the socials and at the following websites –


01:00 – The family / work blend and dynamic

06:00 – The effort of reinventing and following your heart’s desire

15:35 – Awareness, acceptance and action

36:00 – Psychedelics, particularly iowaska

45:25 – The process to inner peace

49:25 – Guy’s true meaning of wealth


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