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TWF 21 – Dr Arne Rubinstein on Rites of Passage & Powerful Parenting

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Podcasts

Show notes

Dr Arne is an expert on Rites of Passage and adolescent development, with 30 years experience as a medical doctor, counsellor, mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator.
The programs, seminars and programs he’s helped to develop have been attended by over 100,000 people globally and are designed to support boys and girls to successfully make a safe, healthy transition to adulthood, with a particular focus on creating coming of age Rites of Passage.

Dr Arne is the proud father of two wonderful young men and a mentor to many others.

I highly recommend Arne’s incredible book The Making of Men. To find more about attending a Rites of Passage retreat, or to connect with Arne, go to or follow his work on Facebook and Instagram.

3:18 – Arne Rubinstein on Death

6:55 – I saw two very different types of death as a medical doctor

10:09 – The staircase of life 

12:01 – Dealing with agitations

18:37 – Father-Daughter relationships

20:58 – One on one time with children

26:37 – Power of Vulnerability

29:03 – The world is run by boys and not men

31:33 – Child to adult to elder

34:08 – Why in some cultures women with saggy breasts get the most respect 

35:08 – Multi Generational Living

38:48 – What Is A Rites of Passage?

45:00 – Telling people you love them

49:30 – Arne’s True Meaning of Wealth

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